Newsletter 10 - October 2017


Denman Marine Newsletter - October 2017

Hi there, and welcome to the latest Denman Marine newsletter. 

In this month's newsletter we have:

  • A New CLC kit - The Eastport Ultralight
  • October Special - First 5 Annapolis Wherry's sold are $100 off
  • Bruynzeel Plywood and CNC cutting
  • Customer build update
  • Barton Marine - High Load Low Friction Eye/Rings

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Eastport Ultralight

Eastport Ultralight

Designer John Harris, a boatman and self-professed small-craft snob, has drawn up a fine miniature dink that will appeal to dinghy users with limited storage space and not-so-great upper body strength. Incorporating 21st-century technology, classical good looks, and boatbuilding techniques CLC have evolved over two decades, the wood-epoxy Eastport Ultralight is a 38-pound, 6-foot pram with a 400-pound payload. "At middle age, I'm just not as strong as I used to be," says John, "I needed a dinghy capable of holding two adults, a small child, and the groceries.  Yet it had to be as light as a good kayak, so I could get it on and off the car top easily, or shift it from the dinghy racks at the marina to the launch spot, or get it onto the foredeck of my small cruiser."  

Originally a personal project of John's, his blog post about the experiment generated so much interest that we're making kits available. The boat is extremely easy to build.  CLC assembled Hull #1 in the booth at the 2015 WoodenBoat Show in Mystic.  The CNC-cut hull parts snap together like a jigsaw puzzle, and very quickly. We figure it's about a 50-hour project to do a nice job.  A streamlined set of instructions may be found in "wiki" form here.

Please see the Eastport Ultralight page or contact us for further details or to place an order. 

Eastport Ultralight

Bruynzeel Plywood

At Denman Marine we only use the best materials in our boats without compromise. In 2009 after being fed up with not being able to source high quality, lightweight Gaboon plywood in Australia we began an international search for a high quality marine plywood that was fully compliant to BS1088:1 2003. At the beginning of 2012 we became aware of a European plywood manufacturer that was producing an unparalleled product that is not only certified by Lloyd's Register as being fully compliant to BS1088:1:2003 but also carries a 10 year structural guarantee. Ever since then, Bruynzeel plywood, manufactured in Europe by Allin Bruynzeel, has been available in Australia exclusively through Denman Marine.

Here at Denman Marine, we not only operate an in-house 3-axis CNC router, but also have the expertise to work with you, or your designer, in the production of files capable of cutting plywood/timber to your specifications or design.

Our CNC router can handle larger jobs with a cutting area of 3.05m x 1.52m x 0.15m, any jobs larger than this can be easily achieved through joining/slicing/scarfing. It also has full 3D capabilities which allows us to cut some really interesting projects, from relief carvings, to rudders and centerboards, the possibilities are endless. 

We ship Bruynzeel plywood all over Australia so please contact us to discuss your plywood/CNC requirements or to organize a quote. See here and here for further details about our Bruynzeel plywood, otherwise you can find further details regarding the BS1088 standards here.

Our CNC Router cutting a rudder and centerboard from Bruynzeel BS1088 Marine Plywood

Customer build update 

Below we have some pictures that our customers have sent in at various points of construction with their various kits.

We are always thrilled to see your projects during all stages of construction, so please send us in your pictures so that we may publish them in our future newsletters for others to enjoy.

Pavel in his completed Shearwater 17

Pavel's completed Shearwater 17

Paul's Completed Teardrop Camper

Paul's Completed Teardrop Camper


$100 off first five Annapolis Wherry full kits

Annapolis Wherry

With Summer fast approaching, now is the time to order your Annapolis Wherry kit. Beautiful and fun to both build and row, the Annapolis Wherry is an excellent way of getting back in shape for summer.

The Annapolis Wherry full kit is $100 off for the first five sold during the month of October, so place your order today to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Previous rowing experience? The Annapolis Wherry will take you back to your glory days albeit with ample stability meaning there is less chance of ending up in the drink if the chop picks up.

The Annapolis Wherry offers thoroughbred performance on the water combined with breathtaking grace.  When used in conjunction with a sliding seat rowing unit, the Wherry might be unsurpassed as a rowing trainer, exercise boat, long-distance cruiser, or even for open water racing. 

Construction of a structurally complete Annapolis wherry can be completed in less than a week, taking approximately 30-40 hours, so order yours today to get one in the water by Christmas.

You can find more information about our Annapolis Wherry here. Otherwise please contact us to place an order.

Offer valid from 1/10/17 till 31/10/17

Rowing an Annapolis Wherry

Building an Annapolis Wherry in a week


High Load Low Friction Eye/Rings

Available in 6 sizes. Manufactured in marine grade aluminium and finished in Barton's unique hard ‘Spectro’ grey anodizing. These lightweight high load eyes are suitable for a variety of uses on board, from lazy jacks, barber haulers, mast base tidies to stanchion lead eyes. The smallest size can be attached using a 3mm line with a bullseye diameter of 6mm. The largest size can be attached using a 16mm line with a bullseye diameter of 28mm.

High Load Low Friction Eye/Ring with Dyneema loop

The Barton High Load Low Friction Eye/Ring with Dyneema loop is available in 3 sizes and can be used in various applications on board including barber hauler, preventers, mast base block tidies, emergency blocks, occasional blocks, toe rail blocks, etc.

The High Load Low Friction Eye/Ring combined with Dyneema loop gives you a fast, efficient, simple and extremely strong solution to changing the direction of any line. The ‘Spectro’ anodized aluminium eye is designed to have very good wear resistant properties with low friction, this combined with the Dyneema loop gives you exceptional low weight to very high performance load ratio.

Wear resistance

Independent laboratory tested Using Marlow D2 Dymeena 12 strand line.

After 450,000 cycles (50,000 metres of line) over 300 hours on an abrasion test machine no visual signs of wear on the anodised coating could be found.

Denman Marine can supply you everything you need from Barton Marine's wide range of products. See here to view their wide range of products, otherwise contact us to discuss your requirements.

Barton High Load Eye with Dyneema loop

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