Newsletter 11 - November 2017


Denman Marine Newsletter - November 2017

Hi, and welcome to the latest Denman Marine newsletter. 

In this month's newsletter we have;

  • San O' Paddle Board spotlight
  • November Special - $100 off first five Kaholo full kits
  • Waterlust's Teardrop camper build final episode
  • Peter's PocketShip
  • Customer build update
  • Barton classic wooden blocks
  • Denman Marine Christmas Shutdown

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San O' Paddle Boards

San O' Paddle Board

With the weather heating up it is time to get out on the water with a light weight paddle board you can build yourself.

As long as there have been surfboards, there have been surfboard paddling competitions. It didn't take long for specialized "paddleboards" to be developed, and of course, races for them. Lifeguards use paddleboards and race them competitively, and in recent years paddleboard designs have evolved specifically for racing and exercise.

The build-it-yourself approach makes surfers nostalgic for the era of heavy wooden surfboards built from plans, but in fact the San O' 14 and 16 use modern stitch-and-glue techniques to keep the weight very low and the assembly is easy for first-time builders.

The kits are made of beautiful Okoume plywood and is assembled from a precision-cut CLC kit. The kits includes all of the pre-cut wooden parts; epoxy and fiberglass; the splash guard and pre-cut foam pad; a custom wood-epoxy skeg; breather tube, hardware, and complete assembly instructions.

You can find more information about our San O' kits here and here. Otherwise please contact us if you would like to place an order.

San O'


Peter's PocketShip


Denman Marine has been eagerly keeping up to date with Peter's progress on his PocketShip Kermadec, and we cant wait to see her in the water.

Having begun construction in May 2017, Peter seems to be making steady progress every day, and has recently reached a build milestone having glued down the cabin top. 

Peter looks to be doing a fantastic job, and we highly recommend heading over to Peter's blog to have a look at his entire build process.

For further information regarding purchasing your own PocketShip kit from Denman Marine, please see our PocketShip page here. Otherwise please contact us if you have any other questions or would like to place an order.

Barton Classic Wooden Blocks

Combining high performance engineering and classic design, Barton's range of wooden blocks has been designed for mariners who appreciate elegance and want technical excellence. The range has been named in honour of the flagship of the British Navy – the HMS Victory.

Crafted by sailors for sailors, the Victory blocks are manufactured in the UK from traditional ash wood. Available in high gloss marine varnish finish, or in natural uncoated ash, the blocks can be painted or varnished to compliment the aesthetics of a dinghy or yacht. Victory blocks are bolted together allowing for servicing or refinishing.

The Victory collection of wooden blocks not only look good, but are highly durable and designed to withstand many years of use in harsh marine environments. The sleek style wooden plates conceal the modern technical working of Barton's proven high performance engineering, with Delrin ball bearings, Torlon needle bearings, gun metal shaded sheave and solid brass fittings.

Denman Marine can supply anything from Barton Marine's wide range of products including their Victory Blocks. See here to view their range of classic wooden blocks, otherwise contact us to discuss your requirements.


Denman Marine Christmas Shutdown

As always, Denman Marine will be shutting down for a couple of weeks over the Christmas/New Years period. Given we cut all our kits to order, we have approximately 4 positions left in our current queue before the Christmas shutdown. So place an order for your kit today to get in before Christmas.

It is also worth noting that shipping times may lengthen in the lead up to, and during, December, due to increased demands on shipping companies. Therefor any kits shipped during early to mid December may not arrive until after the Christmas/New Years period.


Kaholo Stand Up Paddleboard

Summer is almost upon us, so order your Kaholo Stand Up Paddleboard kit today. Quick to build and great fun to paddle, the Kaholo Paddleboards are an excellent form of exercise and exploration.

Kaholo Stand Up Paddleboard full kits are $100 off for the first five sold during the month of November, so place your order today to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

"It's the most amazing sensation---as close to walking on water as you're going to get.  But a little faster.  You achieve kayak-like speeds, but your visibility is vastly improved because your eyes are so much higher off the water.  You can see more, see further, and in clear water you have a much better view of sea life than you do in a kayak." -John C Harris

Construction of a structurally complete Kaholo can be completed in less than a week, taking approximately 30 hours, so order yours today to get one in the water for summer.

You can find more information about our Kaholo range here. Otherwise please contact us to place an order.

Offer valid from 1/11/17 till 30/11/17. Applicable to both the 12'6" and the 14' full kits only, excludes hybrid designs.

Waterlust Teardrop Camper Update

Waterlust's completed Teardrop Camper

Waterlust have completed their Teardrop Camper build and are currently road tripping around America putting it to the test.

All twelve build episodes can be found on their YouTube channel starting at episode one. So if you are interested in finding out what is involved with building a Teardrop Camper from a kit, their series should give you an excellent overview of what it entails.

Please see our Teardrop Camper page for further information, otherwise don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

Waterlust Teardrop Camper Build Episode 12


Customer build update 

Below we have some pictures that our customers have sent in at various points of construction with their various kits.

We are always thrilled to see your project during all stages of construction, so please send us your pictures so that we may publish them in our future newsletters for others to enjoy.

Peter's Northeaster Dory

Peter's Northeaster Dory

Lachlan's Northeaster Dory

Lachlan's Northeaster Dory


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