Newsletter 13 - January 2018


Denman Marine Newsletter - January 2018

Happy New Year! and welcome to the latest Denman Marine newsletter. 

In this month's newsletter we have;

  • The Cocktail Class Racer kit
  • January Special - Shearwater kayak kit
  • Kit Building Class
  • Customer Build Update
  • A Look at Swallow Boat's BayCruiser 23
  • Barton Marine - Lazy Jack Kits

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Cocktail Class Racer

Cocktail Class Racer

The Cocktail Class Racer is a very nifty 8-foot racer, and is based on a 1939 design called the Skua by Charles MacGregor, which was originally published in The Rudder Magazine as an example of what could be done with a novel new material called ‘plywood’.

The Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Racing Association has revived the old design and is rapidly building up the class as a forum for safe, fun, ultra-inexpensive racing. 

It's powered by either a 6hp or 8hp outboard, depending on how much the skipper weighs. Less than 200lbs (90kg) and you are limited to a two-stroke 6hp Johnson or Evinrude outboard---which are ubiquitous and inexpensive.  Over 200lbs, and you may use an 8hp of any vintage.

Chesapeake Light Craft have come up with a pretty cool slot-together scheme.  You can assemble the boat in an hour or two, ready for epoxy fillets and fiberglass, yet the kit is competitive and completely "class legal." 

You can find more information about our Cocktail Class Racer here. Otherwise please contact us if you would like to place an order.

Cocktail Class Racer


Swallow Boat's BayCruiser 23

BayCruiser 23

The BayCruiser 23 is a beautiful, classic style cruiser, designed with sailing performance and trailerability very much in mind. Like all our boats, she looks like a classic, but sails like a witch.

Like many of the boats in the Swallow Boat range the BayCruiser 23 is water ballasted, though she also carries a significant portion of lead in her deep profiled centreboard. Her lightweight carbon rig makes her much easier to trailer sail than than many smaller boats. The mast is easy to raise, and she can be fully rigged from the trailer to launching in about 30 minutes – less if there are two of you.

The water ballast means the boat can be extraordinarily easy to tow, launch and recover, and very quick in light winds too. In tougher conditions, or when you just want the security of knowing you have a self righting boat, simply fill the tanks, and the whole character of the boat changes.

The BayCruiser 23 has room inside for 4 berths and two generous storage units, 1 each side, between the vee berth forward and the quarter berths. The style inside is simple but light and airy, with painted tongue and groove and hardwood trim much in evidence. 

The cockpit has comfortably angled coamings giving great back support and a feeling of safety while the seats on either side have been spaced for good bracing when heeled. An optional spray hood covers half the cockpit enabling the helmsman and crew to shelter from foul weather while at the tiller. It also keeps rain out of the cabin when the companionway is open.

The engine options are numerous but the most popular is likely to be a 5-6HP standard shaft outboard engine. It sits in a well on the centreline, thrusts onto the rudder for good steerage, and is well buried to guard against cavitation. It is also easy to reach from within the cockpit, kicks up for less drag when underway, which also makes for easier launching in shallow water. 

Be sure to take a look at what Practical Boat Owner had to say on their review of the BayCruiser 23.  

For further information regarding the BayCruiser 23, please see our page here. Otherwise please contact us if you would like to inquire about having one built.

BayCruiser 23 Australian Launch

BayCruiser 23 knockdown testing


First Five Shearwater kits Eligible for Free Shipping

The first five Shearwater full kits sold during the month of January will be eligible for free shipping *. Contact usand place your order today to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

*Offer valid from 8/1/18 till 31/1/18
Australian major metro areas only. Excludes the Shearwater Hybrid, Double, and Sectional Sport designs.


CLC Kit Building Class 

Denman Marine is seeking expressions of interest for a “build your own Chesapeake Light Craft kit” class that we are looking to run in Tasmania during spring 2018.

The 7-day course would empower you to build a boat under expert instruction, enabling you to walk out the door at the end of the week with a structurally complete boat. The course would be based on simpler kits such as stitch and glue kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and rowing boats to ensure that your project could be completed within the time-frame, and would be limited to 10 people.

If you are interested in having a week of great fun and learning, please contact us and register your interest.


Customer Build Update 

Below we have some pictures that our customers have sent in at various points of construction with their kits.

We are always thrilled to see your project during all stages of construction, so please send us in your pictures so that we may publish them in our future newsletters for others to enjoy.

Laurie's Teardrop Camper

Laurie's Teardrop Camper

John's Eastport Pram

John's Eastport Pram‚Äč


Lazy Jack Kits

Lazy Jack Kits allow mainsails to be reefed or dropped with ease, by retaining the sail between lines running from the mast (near the hounds) to the boom. These lines can be slackened whilst sailing to avoid restricting sail shape.

Ideal for use with fully battened or conventional mainsails, these complete kits contain stainless steel, plastic-coated wires with blocks and fixing eyes attached. High quality braided line, all fixings and comprehensive fitting instructions are also included.

A unique feature of Barton lazy jack kits is the soft plastic block covers which prevent sail chafe and enhance appearance.

Lightweight lazy jack kits

These all-rope kits still feature our unique block covers but are intended for smaller yachts or lightweight use.
Not recommended for large yachts or fully battened mains. We also recommend that the use of a topping lift is retained.

Cascade lazy jack kits

Available in standard and lightweight format. For use with longer boom lengths where more sail control is required.

We can supply anything from Barton Marine's wide range of products including the Lazy Jack Kit. See here to view their range of products, otherwise contact us to discuss your requirements.

Barton Marine Lazy Jack Kit

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