Newsletter 14 - February 2018


Denman Marine Newsletter - February 2018

Hi, and welcome to the latest Denman Marine newsletter. 

In this month's newsletter we have;

  • A look at the Chester Yawl
  • February Special - $100 off Chester Yawl Full Kit
  • Spring 2018 Kit Building Class
  • Denman Marine Built Chesapeake Light Craft Kits
  • Customer Build Update
  • Barton Marine - Composite Winches

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Chester Yawl

Chester Yawl

Boats like the Chester Yawl were used as working craft in 19th-century.  Efficiency was critical in these human powered craft, so they evolved easily driven hull shapes.  Working watermen weren’t immune to good looks, either, so these “livery boats” were often beautiful.  The most famous of the type, the “Whitehall” boats of New England, are still considered a touchstone of small craft elegance.  The Chester Yawl is based on the Whitehall and adopts its distinctive plumb bow and “wineglass” transom.

This LapStitch design's long, graceful sweeps of plank achieve a hull shape of striking beauty, glittering performance. At 15’ long, the Chester Yawl is about the right size for easy trailering (or even cartopping), and the payload of 450 pounds means that two or three adults may safely set out for a picnic or even a camping trip.  Although 30 inches shorter than our Annapolis Wherry, the Chester Yawl has nearly twice the volume and a lot more freeboard for handling waves.  For casual single and tandem rowing, we do not believe there is a better build-your-own-boat kit than the Chester Yawl.

With 7-1/2-foot oars the Chester Yawl has a lovely glide and can be rowed all day at an easy pace.  Designer Harris hoped that builders would contemplate a cruise under oars along hospitable shores, sleeping on the beach in a tent or even aboard, on the 112-inch long floorboards.

Both Les Sullivan, and Dan O'ckerhave completed the 2,200+ kilometer journey along the Murray River in Chester Yawls. Les' blog and Dan's blog about their journeys are well worth a read.

Construction is straightforward, within the reach of anyone with a little woodworking experience. You'll spend around 120 hours, which is less than a strip-planked kayak.

All Chester Yawl full kits sold during the month of February are $100 off. (conditions apply, see February Special). You can find more information about the Chester Yawl kit here. Otherwise please contact us if you would like to place an order.

Les and his Chester Yawl

Dan and his Chester Yawl


Denman Marine Built CLC Kits

Denman Marine built and freshly painted Annapolis Wherry

Have your eye on a Chesapeake Light Craft kit but don't have access to a workspace? No tools? No time? No problem!

Denman Marine can build you any Chesapeake Light Craft kit to your specifications and freight the completed product anywhere in Australia. Simply get in contact with us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

Hesitant about tackling a trickier kit such as the Teardrop Camper? Denman Marine's years of experience will ensure your kit is built to the highest standards while incorporating modifications as desired.

Denman Marine has built a wide range of the Chesapeake Light Craft designs in the past. Including, but not limited to; Kaholo's, Wood Ducks, Chespeake kayaks, Annapolis Wherries, Passagemaker Take-Aparts, and we will be kicking off construction of a PocketShip this year.

For further information about Denman Marine built Chesapeake Light Craft kits, or to obtain a quote, please contact us.

Denman Marine built Passagemaker Take-Apart with fresh undercoat


$100 off Chester Yawl full kits

All Chester Yawl full kits sold during the month of February are $100 off *. Please contact us and place an order for your Chester Yawl full kit today to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

*Offer valid from 1/2/18 till 28/2/18. Excludes wood only kits, and plans and manual packages.


Kit Building Class

Denman Marine is seeking expressions of interest for a “build your own Chesapeake Light Craft kit” class that we are looking to run in Tasmania during spring 2018.

The 7-day course would empower you to build a boat under expert instruction, enabling you to walk out the door at the end of the week with a structurally complete boat. The course would be open to simpler kits such as stitch and glue kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and rowing boats to ensure that your project can be structurally complete within the time-frame, and would be limited to 10 people.

If you are interested in having a week of great fun and learning, please contact us with your desired kit to register your interest if you haven't already.


Customer build update 

Below we have some pictures that you have sent in during various stages of kit construction. We are always thrilled to see your project during any phase of construction, so please send us in your pictures so that we may publish them in future newsletters for everyone to enjoy.

Sam's Kaholo 14

Sam's Kaholo 14

Jos' Mill Creek 13 under construction

Jos' trial launch of his Mill Creek 13


Barton Composite Winches

A versatile alternative to conventional aluminium winches, the Barton range of composite winches offer significant cost and weight savings and are truly low maintenance.

Virtually self-lubricating, friction-free and corrosion resistant, the ingenious use of advanced materials ensure consistent performance and reliability.

  • Three models available – a single-speed 8:1 and two
    twin-speeds; 16:1 and 23:1
  • Suitable as primaries for yachts up to 10m (30ft) or as
    spinnaker/halyard winches on larger craft
  • Red, blue and green coloured top rings are included,
    giving you the ability to colour-code winches to control
    lines, port or starboard, or just to match the colour
    scheme of your boat
  • Comprehensive spares kits available.

We can supply anything from Barton Marine's wide range of productsincluding their Composite Winches. Please contact us to discuss your Barton Marine requirements.

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