BayCruiser 23

sailing the BC23 in Wales
 Andrew Sailing the BayCruiser 23 on the Teifi Estuary, Wales (UK)

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Length: 22ft 11ins (6.98m)
Beam: 8ft (2.36m)
All up weight (epoxy ply): 1540 lbs (700kg)
All up weight (GRP): 1650lbs (750kg)
Weight of water ballast tanks: 1100lbs (500kg)
Draught board up: 12" (300mm)
Draught board down: 4'11" (1.5m)
Sail Area: 24.2 sqm (260sq ft)


The BayCruiser 23 is a beautiful, classic style cruiser, designed with sailing performance and trailerability very much in mind. Like all our boats, she looks like a classic, but sails like a witch.

Like many of the boats in our range the BayCruiser 23 is water ballasted, though she also carries a significant portion of lead in her deep profiled centreboard. Her lightweight carbon rig makes her much easier to trailer sail than than many smaller boats. The mast is easy to raise, and she can be fully rigged from the trailer to launching in about 30 minutes - less if there are two of you.

Like the her forebears, the most unique feature on the BC23 is her water ballast system. She stores 500kg of water in two tanks, one under the V berth, and the other under the cockpit floor. They are both under the waterline so fill under the weight of the boat alone. There is a large capacity bilge pump to pump them dry which can be diverted to pump the cabin bilge. Alternatively the boat can be left to drain as you winch her onto her trailer, or just left full on her mooring.

The water ballast means the boat can be extraordinarily easy to tow, launch and recover, and very quick in light winds too. In tougher conditions, or when you just want the security of knowing you have a self righting boat, simply fill the tanks, and the whole character of the boat changes.

The Cabin

BayCruiser 23 interior
BayCruiser 23 cabin - comfortable and practical


The BayCruiser 23 has room inside for 4 berths and two generous storage units, 1 each side, between the vee berth forward and the quarter berths. These units can be customised to suit owners but typically comprise a pumped water system in one and a portable cartridge type gas stove on the other. There is just room to squeeze in an optional enclosed head on one side or the other, though it would be sitting only of course! Otherwise a portable toilet under the bridge deck or under the aft end of the forward vee berth is a good.

The centreboard case is capped by a solid timber folding table that removes to gain access to the centreboard. Buoyancy chambers have twist hatches for inspection and there is additional storage room under the seats and under the vee berth (above the water tank).

The style inside is simple but light and airy, with painted tongue and groove and hardwood trim much in evidence. We offer a huge range of fabrics for the cushions inside and are able to tailor the interior decor to suit your taste.


The Cockpit

BC23 cockpit
The BayCruiser 23 cockpit is large and roomy


The cockpit has comfortably angled coamings giving great back support and a feeling of safety while the seats on either side have been spaced for good bracing when heeled. There is an extra 450mm of length in the cockpit compared to the BC20 giving a more spacious feel and more room for crew. An optional spray hood covers half the cockpit enabling the helmsman and crew to shelter from foul weather while at the tiller. It also keeps rain out of the cabin when the companionway is open.



BC23 outboard
BayCruiser 23 outboard well - easy motor access


The engine options are numerous but the most popular is likely to be a 5-6HP standard shaft outboard engine. It sits in a well on the centreline, thrusts onto the rudder for good steerage, and is well buried to guard against cavitation. It is also easy to reach from within the cockpit, kicks up for less drag when underway, which also makes for easier launching in shallow water. The space under the bridgedeck has been sized to take a diesel inboard engine or small generator (for a hybrid electric drive) although both of these options weigh significantly more than an outboard engine.

Up in the bows there is a large anchor locker accessible from the deck, with an additional headsail locker next to it. A large Sampson post between the two gives a strong point for mooring. The raised hull sides (bulwarks) give a feeling of security on the foredeck and it is a comfortable place to sit and watch the world go by.


BayCruiser 23 in Glass Fibre or Wood Epoxy

The  BC23 is available in either epoxy ply construction or in vacuum bagged, cored GRP. This keeps the boat more affordable and helps reduce our waiting lists as we can produce them more quickly. The wood epoxy boat,  while being more expensive, is more easily customised if owners require  significant changes, but is also some 50kg lighter. Apart from that the  two designs are externally very similar, with the only small difference noticable where construction methods dictate.

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