Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks

Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks
Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks Chesapeake Tandem Kayaks
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The success of the proven Chesapeake hull shape led quickly to demands for similar tandem and three-person designs. 

Model: Length: Hull Weight (kg): Beam (cm): Max Payload (kg): Cockpit Size (cm): Paddler Weight (kg): Knee Height (cm): Max. Men's Shoe Size(US):
Chesapeake Double 21' 0" (6.4 m) 29.5 76 320 78.5 x 43 135 - 270 35.5 14
Chesapeake Sport Tandem 21' 8" (6.6m) 29.5 56 215 78.5 x 43 115 - 180 30.5 13

Please note, the Chesapeake double and Sport Tandem plans do not include full size patterns for every component.

Chesapeake Double

The Chesapeake Double and Triple are high-volume touring boats, with a 700lb payload that belies their surprising speed. Even though these are substantial boats for serious expeditions, they are also comfortable day-trippers for families or couples. Our Chesapeake Double offers the back-country paddler expedition-worthy storage and the speed to cover 35 miles in a day. 

As in the other Chesapeake variants, the Double and Triple are built solidly, with epoxy and fiberglass on the inside, outside and deck of the 4mm okoume hull. For safety, watertight bulkheads are standard. The cockpits are deep and snug, with the standard Rapid Pulse backbands offering excellent lumbar support, while the cambered deck affords plenty of paddle clearance.

Chesapeake Sport Tandem

There was a lot of demand but hardly anything like it in 2002 when we unveiled the Chesapeake Sport Tandem. This very narrow, very fast double is perfect for athletic couples who want to really cover the miles, whether it's for excercise, super-fast touring, or winning races. Most of our Sport Tandems are sold to people who watched one disappear over the horizon in front of them during a race. While intended for racing or working out, the Sport Tandem can still carry a good load of gear, making it ideal for multiple-day unsupported races like the Watertribe Everglades Challenge.


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