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Class Globe 580
Class Globe 580 Class Globe 580 Class Globe 580 Class Globe 580 Class Globe 580 Class Globe 580 Class Globe 580 Class Globe 580
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The ClassGlobe 5.80 is a mini class yacht designed for fast, efficient trans-ocean voyages. The first ClassGlobe 5.80 Transat Race was completed in December 2021, see the Globe580Transat facebook page for details.

For those who are serious about joining the ClassGlobe 5.80 family, the first step is to BUY the Globe 5.80 Plans via the classglobe580 website to get your hull registration number.

Please see further details for the Denman Marine supplied kits at the bottom of this page.

Conceived by Don McIntyre and designed by Janusz Maderski, who specialises in small ocean-going yachts, the ClassGlobe 5.80 opens a new chapter in adventurous, affordable ocean racing. Sailors in 18 countries are now preparing to build the Globe 580 from CNC-cut kits or raw materials.

"There is nothing in the world like the ClassGlobe 5.80!  Ocean and Offshore capable? full of adventure and challenge to race for a few hours, days or weeks? solo or with friends? that you can build yourself with simple tools and no previous experience, or get professional help, then you are set to sail around the bay or over the horizon. Take it home on a trailer or container ship to another country. This is the reality of the ClassGlobe 5.80…The choice is yours, but it starts here! The plans cost Euro$300 and the FUN comes for FREE!. The 5.80 Family is waiting to welcome you..."
-Don McIntyre

The McIntyre ClassGlobe 5.80 is a SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, SAFE, Extreme weather ocean capable, easily handled, FUN to sail (and build) fully self-righting yacht. Features include, Basic plywood epoxy construction, bow crash box, three watertight compartments. Six full frames, two watertight bulkheads, pine stringers and oak floors. The hull is covered with sustainable plantation 10mm plywood. Central bottom strip of plywood 20 mm. Deck covered with 8 mm. The hull is then laminated with epoxy and glass. A 142 degrees point of vanishing stability with central, strong skeg supported outboard rudder with three sets gudgeons and pintles, allowing simple effective trim tab wind vane steering. A simple overbuilt steel fabricated Keel, with lead bulb, two x 2mtr bunks, bunks or on the cabin sole, or an athwartship bunk by lifting a floor panel. A secure comfortable cockpit, two transom balancing Dagger boards, quick closing companionway hatch/door (Or 50 x 50 Deck hatch closure) with 360-degree visibility observation cab with 1.65mtr headroom under and 1mtr headroom while sitting on a bunk.

Capable of fast, efficient solo (or two-handed) trans-ocean voyages, average speeds over 100 miles a day are expected.

The Class Globe 580 can legally be towed on its own road trailer with the keel attached, or it can be transported in a standard 20 ft shipping container with the keel, rudder and spars removed. It can sail from anywhere and transport to or from any country with ease.

The main hull structure can be built by one or two people with little experience and basic tools in 550 hours, or a few months. The Class Globe 5.80 has a strong plywood construction that is well-suited to amateur construction. It is simple and inexpensive and the boat should be very solid and safe.

Denman Marine has already begun cutting kits, with several orders having been placed already. Currently we can supply the below components, with more to follow:
  • CNC cut plywood and solid timber components.
  • Stringer chine log kit
  • Floor timbers including CNC cut MDF templates
  • CNC cut MDF templates for poly-carbonate windows
  • 3D CNC machined ballast plug
We can also supply quality West System epoxy resins and fillers at fantastic prices.

Denman Marine Kit Detail:

Please note, the above prices may not represent exact current pricing and are subject to change at any time.

The Base Kit includes 25 sheets of the highest quality CNC cut BS1088 Gaboon marine plywood as well as 106 CNC cut solid timber components.

Stringer chine log kit, as per picture.  The longitudinals would be supplied in three pieces, each with 8:1 scarfs pre-cut, so they are ready to glue up into full-lengths

With regards to the heavy floor timbers that take the keel bolts, we would recommend laminating them from smaller dimensioned denser hardwood rather than use a single piece of solid hardwood for stability reasons.  All floors are 60mm in width with floor 1, 60mm in depth and floors 2-5 70mm in depth.  The 60mm floor would be glued up from 3 laminations of 19mm and the 70mm floors from 3 lams of 19 and one of 10.  We would supply these as pieces 1200 x 65 x 19mm and 1200mm x 65 x 10mm.  Once laminated, it would be a simple matter to thickness down to 60mm wide. Added to this option would be full-size 6mm MDF templates for the larger surface shapes of the floors that you could use to cut the parts once laminated and dimensioned.

We also offer CNC cut 6mm MDF templates for the polycarb windows (Window Templates).

A CNC milled plug for the lead ballast is milled from MDF or similar, ready for casting (CNC Plug for lead ballast).

A number of people have asked about screws, and we get some pretty good pricing on these (contact us). These are 316SS countersunk, Phillips head.

We use and recommend WEST System Epoxy resins and can offer some pretty good pricing on this – let us know if you are interested, and we can organise some pricing.

Lead time on kits is normally around 6-8 weeks. Please get in touch if you are intesreted in paying a 50% deposit with the balance payable prior to shipping. The above pricing does not include shipping which is tailored to suit individual orders and will need to be quoted seperatley.

Get in touch with us today for more details and to discuss your ClassGlobe 5.80. For those who are serious about joining the ClassGlobe 5.80 family, the first step is to BUY the Globe 5.80 Plans via the classglobe580 website to get your hull registration number.
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