Denman Built Boats

Denman Marine specialises in the construction and repair of wooden boats using both traditional and modern construction methods and materials. From small clinker dinghies to ocean going cruising vessels if it is made of wood, we can build it for you.

We have a purpose built boatbuilding facility in Kettering, Tasmania on the beautiful D'entrecasteaux Channel and can handle vessels up to 50' in the worksop. Our labour rates are low compared to the mainland so extensive re-fit and new build costs are lower.

We have a growing Australia wide reputation for quality boat building and repair work and we only use the finest boat building materials in the world in our vessels.

We have built and repaired vessels for private owners, commercial operators, televsion commercials and the international film industry.

Our aim is to keep the traditional boat building skills alive and to promote wooden boats as a viable alternative to the modern, highly advertised fibreglass boats.

Please contact us to discuss your new wooden boat constructed by Denman Marine.

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Denman Marine Pty Ltd ATF | ABN: 54779786053 | 2888 Channel Highway Kettering, Tasmania 7155