Paul Gartside 16' Open Water Skiff

bob skiff 1
16' open water rowing skiff - "Bob" design built by Denman Marine

For further information or to enquire about a completed Gartside 16' Skiff please contact us.


length: 15'11 3/4" (4.87m) 
beam:  4'7" (1.4m) 
weight:  145lbs (66 kg)

This double ended design is from renowned designer/boatbuilder Paul Gartside.

Please note, the Gartside 16' is not available in kit form.

In his words - 

"Bob" represents the culmination of much thought and experience with open water rowboats. Her proportions, shape and weight are as close to ideal as I can make them for a beach cruiser. She is light and fast and a delight to row with either one or two rowers.  A simple downwind rig adds a great deal to a rowing boat while taking nothing away. There is no centreboard and the light, narrow hull has no stability for sailing upwind, but when the wind is fair the big lugsail boomed out with an oar reels off the miles effortlessly. "


bob lines bob construction
Bob lines    (pic courtesy Gartside Designs)  Bob construction (pic courtesy Gartside Designs)

We build her from strip plank western red cedar sheathed inside and out with glass cloth and WEST system epoxy.  When strip planking, we use our special strip plank tongue and groove profile again which makes strip planking a breeze and cuts down so much time.  This method was pioneered by boat builder Christopher Tuck and we can produce this proifile on strip planking of any size for our clients.

 rowing bob 2  bob bow on
 wide hull flare and fine entry evident   bow on shot - nice paint job

The timber fitout utilises our wonderful Tasmanian boat building timbers with a celery top pine backbone, huon pine risers, inwale and breasthooks and king billy pine bottom boards and thwarts.

She can be rowed by one or two people and the aft thwart is moveable to accommodate for the change in trim when rowing two up.  Oars are beautifully light and strong hand crafted western red cedar.

 bob interior  bob interior 2
 interior showing movable thwart for 1 or 2 rowers  buoyancy chambers at either end for safety

The boat in these photos, Coot, will be staying in Tasmania for adventures around Port Huon and will be on our display at the upcoming Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart  Feb 2013.

bob bow detail
 lovely sheer
 huon pine cove stripe detail  lovely sheer


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