Tirrik sailing

One of our Tirriks "Lychee" sailing in Victorian waters

For further information or to enquire about a completed Tirrik please contact us.


Designer  - Iain Oughtred

Construction -Glued Lapstrake (clinker) with centerboard and pivoting  rudder
L.O.A  - 16’10”   
Beam  -  5’4”
Rig Options   -  Lug Sloop, Gunter Yawl and   
Gunter Sloop

At 16'10" overall Tirrik is smaller all round than the Caledonia Yawl but is still a great daysailer for a couple or a single hander.The standard rig is a balanced lug which is very easy to use in a wide variety of conditions. A gunter sloop is another rig configuration available and we have also built a gunter rigged yawl.

There are also a number of interior options available from a completely open boat to one with side bench seating and fore and aft decks.

Please note, Tirrik is not available in kit form.


                                   tirrik interior side benches
                                         Tirrik with side bench watertight lockers and decks

                                    tirrik interior plank seats
                                                         Tirrik with plank seats and decks


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