Imp (originally named Clairetta) was launched in 1886 in Battery point to compete in the 21' overall class that was popular on the river Derwent on the day. She was a pretty hot boat at the time and during 1890 and '91 won numerous prizes. Imp was also one of the founding yachts of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. She is mentioned at length in EH Websters book A Hundred Years of Yachting.


Imp sailing on the Derwent river
Imp under full sail circa 1890


She is huon pine below the waterline and Kauri above with a frightening spread of sail combined with minimal freeboard that certainly must have been "very interesting" when the sea breeze kicked in. 

Imp is the sole survivor of the 21' overall class and as such has a very important place in Tasmania'a maritime history.  We have just about all her history from the newspaper clipping from her launch day to the present.   She has been accepted to be on the Australian Historic Vessel Register.

Imp in Strahan Tasmania waiting to be trucked to Kettering Finally on the truck -  a new life begins
Imp in Strahan Tasmania  Finally on the truck and on her way to a new life

After her racing days in Hobart, Imp relocated to Tasmania's west coast where she was used for a number of purposes over the years and was fitted with a house structure and inboard motor. At one time she was used as an ambulance vessel transporting paitients from Kelly Basin to Strahan on Tasmania's West coast. She has been involved in collisions, run aground, sunk and just about eveything else a 120+ year old boat would get up to. 


 old interior  engine and bilge
 The old interior  a bilge only an apprentice would love....


Her last owners, the Deegan family, had owned Imp for many years and have now gifted her to us so that she may be restored to her original sailing configuration.  Although she is only 21' LOA, there is an enormous amount of work to get her back to original and it will take time as funding is limited.  The aim once she is re-launched is to gift Imp back to the public and keep her in Constitution dock for youth sail training. 


batten seam carvel planking lovely sheer still evident after all those years
Batten seam carvel construction.  Most of her huon 
pine frames are in good condition
Her lovely sheer is still evident after all these years.  
Much better with the house off!!!

It would be lovely to find a Tasmanian sponsor to assist with funding which would speed the restoration up so if you are interested in assisting with funding this wonderful restoration project please contact us

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