Oxford Shell II

Oxford Shell II
Oxford Shell II Oxford Shell II Oxford Shell II Oxford Shell II Oxford Shell II Oxford Shell II
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CLC’s Oxford Shell debuted in 1996, was an instant success, and has been popular for 22 years. Build-it-yourself boat kit technology has come a long way since then and in 2018 we’re introducing the Oxford Shell II, an evolution of the original.

Model:   Length:   Hull Weight:   Beam:   Max Payload:   Cockpit Size:       
Oxford Shell 2 20' 10" (6.35m) 18 kg 21" (53cm) 125 kg Open      

Please note; the Base Kit does not include a row wing, sliding seat, or associated hardware, select the Base Kit without and optional extras if you wish to build or source your own row wing and sliding seat etc. The sliding seat and associated hardware is included in the Row Wing, Sliding Seat and Hardware Optional Extras package. The row wing, seat, and hardware is manufactured in Tasmania and will differ slightly from what is supplied by CLC.

Intended for rec-racing, workouts, or ocean rowing, the Oxford Shell II is 20’10” long and 21” wide (6.35m x 53cm). It weighs 40 pounds. The Oxford Shell II is pitched a bit more towards speed and performance compared to the original. Reasonably athletic rowers will be able to use it for training. Experienced rowers will find it a competitive shell for "masters" regattas. Without sacrificing smooth-water speed, we went to a lot of trouble to design a hull that can handle waves and chop. Experienced rowers can keep the Oxford Shell II moving in conditions that would send many rec shells home.

Taking full advantage of wood-epoxy composite techniques, we have been able to eliminate features like the "sheer clamp" while creating a more sophisticated and organic hull shape. Instead of using a drop-in sliding seat, the riggers and sliding seat are integral. Four toggle clamps release the riggers in seconds for easier transportation and storage. With computer-cut "slot-together" parts and an extremely detailed assembly manual, the Oxford Shell II is suitable for first-time boatbuilders.

CLC built the first prototype, tested it, made refinements, built another, and what you see in the photos and video here is the production version.

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