Teal, a 1940's 23' Keel Boat, arrives in the workshop on the start of her new journey

Restoration work continues on "Teal", a lovely king billy carvel yacht for a local client.  She was built in Burnie back in the 1940's.  We believe she was the "Cappy" design by J. Julius Fanta.  She has a beautiful hull shape and apparently was a real performer.  In a lovely turn of events we have had the son of one of the original owners come forward to help complete the history on the boat.

So far work has entailed;

 - getting the shape back into the hull  

 - new celery top pine stem, keelson and keel and huon pine transom

 -  the hull has also been extended  by 2' aft

 - fairing the hull and preparing her for the cold molded overlay

 - cutting veneers for the cold molding

 - applying two diagonal layers and one fore and aft layer of cold molded veneers

 - applying double bias fibreglass cloth sheathing to the completed planking

 - fitting laminated frames and floors to the hull
 - completing the deck framing

 - laid teak decks over marine ply substrate

The current owner is going to sail her extensively when she is finished including some coastal racing so we have decided to go with a king billy cold molded overlay over the old carvel planking which will make her immensely strong and able to handle the stresses that will be imposed upon her.

We'll try to keep the photos updated regularly on her journey back to the water - enjoy.


 Taking lines off the boat lofting the lines
Taking the lines off the hull   Lofting the lines to help correct shape
 rolling the hull fitting new keelson
 Rolling the hull Fitting the new celery top pine keelson
fairing the planking  dry fitting the first layer of planking
 Fairing the old king billy carvel planking dry fitting the first  diagonal layer of king billy pine
 Fitting laminated frames and floors  fitting the teak decks
 Fitting laminated celery top pine frames and floors   fitting the laid teak decks


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