Wood Duck Double

Wood Duck Double
Wood Duck Double Wood Duck Double Wood Duck Double Wood Duck Double
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The Wood Duck Double will take two average adults, or a total payload of up to 400 pounds.  Like all of the Wood Ducks, the Wood Duck Double paddles fast and with little resistance.  Stability is sufficient for stepping down from a low dock---always a great test of a kayak's stability.  Tracking is solid;  so far we haven't fitted our demo model with a rudder.  (A rudder is still a nice upgrade to any two-person kayak, as it eliminates the need for committee decision-making on which direction to go from minute to minute.)
Model:   Length:   Hull Weight:   Beam:   Max Payload:   Cockpit Size:   Paddler Weight:   Rowing Draft:    
Wood Duck Double 14' 
27 kg. 76.2 cm. 180 kg. 214cm x 52 cm 90 - 180kg. 15cm  

The essential attributes of our Wood Duck line of kayaks are compact dimensions, comfortable cockpits, above-average "rec boat" speed, versatility on the water, handsome looks with great character, and ease of construction.  So harmoniously do these features fit with the needs of recreational kayakers and boatbuilders that we have sold hundreds of Wood Ducks in just a few years. 

We began with the Wood Duck 12, then added a 10, and most recently a 14-footer.  Eric Schade's 14-foot hull design, meant to create an exceptionally commodious single kayak, struck us as a good starting point for a small two-person kayak.  So Eric tweaked the lines and after several prototypes we're delighted with the result.

At only around 60 pounds, the Wood Duck Double is easy to handle off the water, too, and with an overall length less than 14 feet it is exceptionally handy to transport and store.  

We expect to see a great many of these equipped for fishing, and lots more with various combinations of children and/or dogs aboard.

Because of the large open volume, we have made watertight bulkheads standard at the bow and stern, with flush hatches for access to the storage compartments.  

  • You need a two-person kayak that isn't excessively long or bulky.
  • You need a kayak with comfort and stability without being a tub.
  • You need a versatile and commodious fishing platform.
  • Ease of construction is important


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