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The Barton Clamseal is one of those products that once you see and you wonder why you haven't had one before.  Inflatable device repair kits generally contain patches and a glue adhesive (which tends to perish in the tube) and the instructions for repair advise that surfaces must be clean and DRY!!!!  Well what do you do when you punch a hole on your boat on a dark and wet night?

The Clamseal is used around the world by cruising yachties, military forces, and is offered as standard equipment by a number of life raft manufacturers in their repair kits.  In Australia, we have also supplied the Clamseal to the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Antarctic Division.  Great product and so simple. 

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The award-winning, patented ClamSeal™ - repairs inflatables fast - even when wet

The ClamSeal™ can instantly repair splits and tears up to 90mm (3 ½ ") in length without the use of any hand tools, or adhesive.

ClamSeal™ is a patented glue-less repair system and instantly repairs small tears or splits in inflatables above or below the waterline - regardless of the fact that the material may be wet.

The system works by using two half "shells" that screw together tightly, using the inflatable material itself as a water and air-tight seal. It is quick and easy to fit and effects an immediate repair which can keep you afloat until a more permanent repair can be made.

  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Requires no adhesive or tape
  • Can be used above or below the waterline
  • Can be used on wet materials
  • Provides an instant repair
  • Re-usable again and again.

The ClamSeal™ can be carried as part of your emergency equipment on board. It can be used at sea, on shore; even underwater as no adhesive tape is involved. The clever mechanics of the ClamSeal™ design mean this simple product can keep you safetly afloat.

The ClamSeal™ has now become a permanent part of the safety kit on many RIBs around the world and is continuing to amaze those who have used them - an effective, low cost solution to an otherwise complicated problem.

The Barton ClamSeal™ is suitable for use on;

  • RIBs
  • Dingies
  • Liferafts
  • Bouyancy bags
  • Virtually any inflatable product
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Open the ClamSeal™ and insert the base plate into the split.

clamseal repair 2 Pull the plates of the ClamSeal™ together, across the split, using the lanyard.
clamseal repair 3 With the 2 plates pulled together, simply hand-tighten the nut for a Clam-tight seal
clamseal repair 4 Reinflate and your safe to continue on your way!

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