Sectional Shearwater Sport

Sectional S Sport


Model:    Length:  Hull Weight: Beam:  Max Payload: Cockpit Size: Paddler Weight: Knee Height: Max. Men's Shoe Size (US):
Sectional Shearwater Sport 14' 6"
4.42 m 
21.5 kg 63.5 cm 135 kg 83 x 43 cm 45- 100 kg 33 cm 12

Model Full Kit
Sectional Shearwater Sport $1990

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A kayak divided into three, but a sum greater than the parts.  Spin loose five sturdy stainless bolts at the watertight bulkheads and the Shearwater Sectional packs down to fit in a hatchback car.  Or in your garage.  Or in your apartment.  Or in the hold of an Alaska-bound de Havilland DHC-3.  It weighs a few more pounds than the stock Shearwater Sport but retains every quality that has made the Shearwater Sport a huge hit with paddlers.
Here's how it works: You build the boat full-length in the usual fashion, but add carefully-designed structural bulkheads at the joints. When nearly done with construction, out comes the saw. Steady now! Cut between the bulkheads to create three watertight pieces. (The cut lines are marked for you in the kits.)
We're still experimenting with different cars, but so far the Shearwater Sectional will fit in most compact hatchbacks, though of course you can transport it fully assembled on conventional roof racks.  The obvious application is the paddler with a storage challenge---either an apartment or just limited space.  The possibilities are endless, and yes, we expect a few of them to double as bookshelves during the off-season.
Do you fit in this kayak?  Study our kayak fit chart.

Build this boat if:
  • You need a sea kayak that stores and travels in small spaces, but sacrifices nothing in performance and comfort.
  • You're looking for a versatile and comfortable kayak that isn't a beamy tub.
  • You're looking for a sport-oriented kayak for surfing
  • You want a sleek, West Greenland-style kayak without the awkward 17- or 18-foot length
  • You prefer advanced handling qualities in all conditions, including waves

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Sectional S Sport   Sectional S Sport
Sectional S Sport   Sectional S Sport

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