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  • Lighthouse Tender Peapod
  • Special - Free Tool Box with any CLC Kit
  • Customer Build Update
  • Barton Marine - Winchers
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Lighthouse Tender Peapod

CLC have been working on this new 13'5" rowing-sailing design since Fall 2017. Much of the construction was done over summer 2018 in a class at the WoodenBoat School with finish work and rigs completed at CLC by Travis Guthrie and colleagues. We don't have a release date for the kits and plans, but CLC are aiming for late spring 2019 (US).

This design is modeled on the "peapods" indigenous to Maine. "Peapod" is a somewhat amorphous term for a double-ended rowing-sailing boat, used for inshore lobstering, fishing, and general utility such as tending lighthouses. Thus the design name: Lighthouse Tender. Designer John C. Harris was inspired by the "Old Sailing Peapod" from Washington County, Maine, detailed in American Small Sailing Craft, Howard Chapelle's indispensable reference work of traditional designs. The boat in American Small Sailing Craft was built "about 1886" and its hull shape recorded by Chapelle in 1937.

A good peapod is stable enough to allow the crew to stand and retrieve heavy lobster pots over the side. Rowing qualities are central to the design, but sailing rigs were added whenever much distance needed to be covered. Stable and easily driven, they make fine sailboats.  Traditional working peapods were extinct by the 1960's, but thanks to Chapelle and others the type found a new life as a pleasure boat. 

A traditional peapod is really hard to build. It took John Harris the better part of 20 years to translate the Maine peapod's subtlety of shape and character into a design that can be built easily using stitch-and-glue techniques, without a complicated mold or complex joinery.

In many respects, the new peapod design is a Tenderly Dinghy with a pointed stern instead of a transom. After some tinkering, the prototype Lighthouse Tender was built at CLC, and another during a class at the WoodenBoat School during 2018. Both hulls were finished at CLC while cameras snapped pictures for the instruction manual.

Early tests have been extremely promising. The Lighthouse Tender rows and sails beautifully. It's stable and, like its traditional forebears, carries a heavy load. Though the Lighthouse Tender is 18" shorter than the Skerry, its payload is 45% larger, at 650lbs.

CLC will be working to put the Lighthouse Tender Peapod kit (and plans for scratch-builders) into production throughout their winter and spring of 2019. Stay tuned for more further updates.

Free Tool Box Kit

Looking for that spring project? Then look no further than the Chesapeake Light Craft range of kits.

For the month of September, all Chesapeake Light Craft kits will include a free Tool Box Kit valued at $135.

*Offer valid from 02/09/19 till 30/09/19. Applicable to all full,base or wood parts only kits (excluding; cradle boat, optional extras/upgrades, as well as any plans and manual packages). Shipping for kits is tailored to suit individual orders and will be quoted/invoiced separately.

Customer Build Update

Leo's Eastport Pram

Leo's Eastport Pram

David's Sea Island Sport

David's Sea Island Sport

Barton Marine - Winchers

The Barton Marine Wincher is a specially designed rubber moulding which fits over the top of standard winches, converting them to self-tailing.
This simple operation works when the line is sheeted under load, which means the coils climb up the winch drum and then become gripped by the underside of the Wincher's rubber body.
Cleating is achieved by locking the sheet into the Wincher's ribbed central groove.
Barton 'Winchers' are easy to fit and available in four sizes to suit a wide range of popular winches.
Full fitting instructions are included.

Denman Marine can supply anything from Barton Marine's wide range of products. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Website Additions/Updates

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