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  • Grain Surfboards - Plans, Frame Sets, and Rocker Lift Sets Now Available
  • Special - 10% Off CLC Plans
  • Teardrop Camper Integrated Cargo Carrier - Coming Soon
  • Website Updates and Additions

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Grain Surfboards - Plans, Frame Sets and Rocker Lifts Now Available

Denman Marine is excited to announce that the first stage of the Grain Surfboards launch is live. Plans, Frame Sets and Rocker Lift Sets are now available! Head over to our new Grain Surfboard section to place an order for yours today.

The second and final stage of our Grain Surfboard launch in mid-December will be their Homegrown kits. These will include everything you need to build a Grain Surfboard.


If you don't need the guidance and support that comes with a full surfboard kit, Grain have developed a complete set of full size plans printed on paper that will get you well on your way to a great board.

Grain's paper plans include; full-scale keel and frames, nose and tail templates, board outline, and a few construction detail notes. These frames and keel are the inside shape of the board, accounting for a 6mm plank thickness, and include notches, lightening holes, fin-box locations and more. There is also included a 46-page guide that covers the high points of the building process including dimensions to mill your planks and rails and an outline of the construction method. Buy your own adhesive, jigsaw and plywood, and get creative with re-purposed or reclaimed wood - let your creativity guide you.

If a plan set is for you, just head over to our Grain section, select plans of the board you're interested in, and will have them printed and shipped out to you.

Frame Set

A step up from paper plans, the frame sets save you the hassle of chasing down and cost of buying your own marine plywood, not to mention the time taken to make all those intricate cuts, but still allows you get creative with your own woods. 

Each frame set includes keel and frames, precision cut and numbered on our in-house CNC machine from 6mm marine ply, as well as nose and tail templates, construction detail notes, a 46 page instruction manual that covers the high points of the building process, as well as dimensions to mill your planks and rails to. Break the frames out, assemble them by number and you're off and running.

Like the plans, starting with a frame set alone is not for everyone. Grain believes those who will be most successful are people who already know how to build a board of this style, have tools and understand how to use them, while being fairly self reliant throughout the build process. If you are simply looking for the surfboard shape defined by the frame set, this and the accompanying instruction manual should be enough for you to build a great board to Grain's design.

For those of you that haven't built a board like this before, and are unsure of your skill level, Grain recommend you start with a HomeGrown kit (available via Denman Marine soon), that includes all of the materials you need to build a board plus a 170 page step by step instruction manual.

If a Grain frame set is for you, just head over to our Grain section and select Frame Set of the board you're interested in. We will add it to our cutting queue and get back to you with a shipping quote.

Please Note

Grain designed the plans and frame sets for a limited number of builders, they are NOT for everyone. They are intended to help those who:

  • Have experience building boards of this construction (for example have taken a class or built a kit)
  • Have some unique construction ideas and just need a frameset of a proven shape to get started
  • Just like to figure things out on their own

Please consider carefully whether you can manage to build your own with no guidance other than your own experience, ingenuity, our 46-page guide and the advice of friends.

Head over to our Grain section today to place an order for your Grain Plans or Frame Set.


Rocker Lift Set

Grain's rocker lift kits are intended to supplement the plan set, frame set, or Homegrown kit and help de-mystify the building process so that you can enjoy the experience at home even more.

Each kit is precision designed and CNC cut to the exact contours and rocker of the board you are building. Kits come with a series of "lifts" that represent the boards bottom contour in space directly under each frame. When these lifts are attached to your glue-up table, they define the rocker and bottom shape, making it a perfect platform for building your board, helping to ensure it comes out exactly as we designed it. Kits include an instruction manual to help you build a glue up table and assemble the rocker lifts. 

Head over to our Grain section today to place an order for your Grain Plans, Frame Set, and Rocker Lift Set.

10% Off All Cheaspeake Light Craft Plans

That crazy time of year is already gearing up! Get ahead of the rush and order a Chesapeake Light Craft plans and manual package today, as the perfect gift or 'stocking stuffer' for loved ones.

With an average build time of 100 hours for CLC kits, you are guaranteed to get some peace and quiet when you purchase a set of Chesapeake Light Craft plans for that special someone, or you would simply like the excuse to escape to the shed yourself. They also make the perfect project to do with your kids or grand-kids over the holidays.

Never fear, if building from plans isn't their (or your) cup of tea and would prefer a kit, simply ask them to get in touch and quote the order number as well as this promotion and we will be happy to take the price of the manual off the order as well as a deal on the kit.

All Chesapeake Light Craft plans packages are 10% off until midnight 11/12/2019, use the coupon code 10CLCPLAN  to take advantage of this offer.

*Offer valid from 13/11/19 till 11/12/19. Applicable to all Chesapeake Light Craft designs. Delivery on or before 23/12/12 is not guaranteed. Does not include Grain Surfboards.


Teardrop Camper Integrated Cargo Carrier - Coming Soon

The ICC increases storage capacity to a cavernous 23 cubic feet (0.66m3) - comparable to a contemporary hatchback - while adding only 9" of height to the complete package. The cargo volume is divided into five flexible storage compartments so you can organize and stow your gear as you see fit. It's an easy retrofit if you already have a Teardrop Camper, or you can build it alongside your Teardrop Camper project.

The Teardrop Camper Integrated Cargo Carrier is coming to Denman Marine soon, contact us to be the first to hear about its release at Denman Marine.

Christmas/New Years Shutdown

Denman Marine will be closed for the Christmas period starting December 20 2019, and re-opening January 13 2020.


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