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Denman Marine Newsletter - October 2018

Hi, and welcome to the latest Denman Marine newsletter. 

In this month's newsletter we have;

  • PocketShip
  • October Special - $250 off PocketShip kit
  • Oxford Shell II Coming Soon
  • Customer Build Update
  • Latest Additions
  • Barton Marine - Inspection/Hatch Covers

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"PocketShip" is a small cruising sailboat of refined model, meant to sail well on all points, provide dry camping accommodations for two adults, and tow behind a four-cylinder car.

Designer John C. Harris has designed, built, owned, and cruised aboard a variety of smallcraft.  His first camp-cruiser as a teenager was an 11'6" rowing boat with a tent, in which he explored the upper Chesapeake, sleeping aboard.  Twenty years later, he wanted a fast-sailing pocket cruiser with a dry and commodious interior.  It had to be quick and easy to build or the project would never get finished, so stitch-and-glue plywood construction was a given from the start.  The cockpit was laid out for daysailing comfort and is large enough for sleeping on warm nights.

2008 sailing trials in varied waters from Maine to Maryland included crews of 1 to 4 adults and wind conditions of 0-20 knots.  PocketShip is stiff and fast and tacks through 90 degrees.  The helm is light and the boat will spin nearly in its own length in both light and heavy air and with a variety of sail combinations.  We are thrilled with performance and handling---all expectations have been exceeded.    

Peter's PocketShip Kermadec

Peter, based in Port Huon - Tasmania, is in the final stages of his Pocketship build Kermadec, jump over to his detailed build blog to see the entire build from conception to his latest efforts.

The PocketShip base kit is on special during October, see our 'October Special' for further details. Otherwise please contact us if you would like any other information.



Inspection/Hatch Covers

Barton offer a wide range of inspection covers in screw, push-fit, and locking versions. Round and rectangular covers are available.

Screw inspection covers

Manufactured from high-impact polycarbonate, these covers feature a course, easy-start thread and a built-in 'O' ring seal.

Available in four diameters in white, black and clear window.

'T' lock round hatch covers

  • Easy locking design.
  • Low Profile.
  • Integral seal for excellent water resistance.
  • UV and weather resistant Saralon resin.

Hinged rectangular inspection covers

Hinged on the top edge, these covers feature the 'T' lock system and a soft rubber seal.

Available in white only. UV and acetone-resistant.

'T' lock hatch covers

  • Easy lock design.
  • Hidden fasteners.
  • Stainless Steel hinges.
  • Integral seal for excellent water resistance.
  • UV and weather resistant Saralon resin

We can supply anything from Barton Marine's wide range of products. See here to view their range, otherwise please contact us to discuss your requirements.



$250 off PocketShip kit

If you can spare approximately 30 weekends (~500 hours) and know your way around some basic tools, you can build yourself an excellent little PocketShip and be on the water before you know it.

During October, any PocketShip base kit sold will receive $250 off our regular price *. Place an order for your PocketShip base kit today to take advantage of this offer while it lasts. Otherwise please contact us if you have any questions.

*Offer valid from 01/10/18 till 31/10/18. Applicable to the PocketShip base kit only. Shipping is tailored to suit individual orders and will be quoted separately.


Oxford Shell II coming soon

Chesapeake Light Crafts Oxford Shell debuted in 1996, was an instant success, and has been popular for 22 years. Build-it-yourself boat kit technology has come a long way since then and in 2018 CLC is introducing the Oxford Shell II, an evolution of the original.

Intended for rec-racing, workouts, or ocean rowing, the Oxford Shell II is 20’10” long and 21” wide (6.35m x 53cm) and weighs 40 pounds. The Oxford Shell II is pitched a bit more towards speed and performance compared to the original. Reasonably athletic rowers will be able to use it for training. Experienced rowers will find it a competitive shell for "masters" regattas. Without sacrificing smooth-water speed, we went to a lot of trouble to design a hull that can handle waves and chop. Experienced rowers can keep the Oxford Shell II moving in conditions that would send many rec shells home.

Taking full advantage of wood-epoxy composite techniques, we have been able to eliminate features like the "sheer clamp" while creating a more sophisticated and organic hull shape. Instead of using a drop-in sliding seat, the riggers and sliding seat are integral. Toggle clamps release the riggers in seconds for easier transportation and storage. With computer-cut "slot-together" parts and an extremely detailed assembly manual, the Oxford Shell II is suitable for first-time boatbuilders.

The Oxford Shell II will replace the original, however CLC are still in the process of finalising the manual. This design is just around the corner and will be available in the very near future. Keep an eye on our website or future newsletters to announce its launch at Denman Marine.


Customer build update 

Below we have some pictures that have been sent in during various stages of kit construction.

We are always thrilled to see your project during any phase of construction, so please send us in your pictures so that we may publish them in future newsletters for everyone to enjoy.

Tim's Teardrop Camper

Tim's Teardrop Camper

Phillip's Peeler Skiff

Phillip's Peeler Skiff


Latest Additions

Below we have a list of the latest additions to our website.

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