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  • Denman Marine and COVID-19
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Denman Marine and COVID-19

Thanks to COVID-19 the world is in uncharted waters and we hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy.

Thankfully due to the nature of our small business we will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. However, to help ensure the health and well being of our employee's please avoid visiting the workshop when possible and simply contact us.

Additionally, please be aware that some of the manufacturers in our supply chain may be impacted by current events which may result in delays with some hardware and kit components.

The Northeaster Dory is a lot of boat for the money, which explains the enduring popularity of the type going  back 150 years or more.  Relatively few planks means less construction work.  The narrow waterline results in a fast hull under sail or oars, but the flared topsides provide ample reserve stability.  Dories are great load-carriers, and the Northeaster Dory is no exception.  360kg is the max payload.

It uses Chesapeake Light Craft's patented LapStitch process, in which pre-cut planking is assembled quickly with wire "stitches" and nothing more than a pair of ordinary sawhorses.

Hull planking is 6mm okoume;  the bottom is 9mm, fiberglassed on both sides and up onto the side planking.  Bulkheads are laminated together from layers of 9mm plywood.  Epoxied together, the hull is light (only about 45kg) and very strong.

Most builders will take around 80-90 hours to build their Dorys, and with 360kg of displacement, this dory offers real versatility.  It's small enough to be rowed by one person, but big enough for tandem rowing with two adults.  Like all dories, the Northeaster tracks well, has a long glide, and stays dry in waves.  Even four adults have comfortable seating.
Rowers looking for a high-performance dimension may add a sliding seat without modifying the interior.  In the stock rowing version, a drop-in sliding seat unit requires minutes to install so you can switch between fixed- and sliding-seat modes quickly.  With a sliding seat, the Northeaster Dory is fast and dry and would be a safe and fast open water racing boat.  (A sliding seat may be added to the sailing version as well, but requires minor modifications.)

Head on over to our Northeaster Dory page for further details and to place your order, otherwise please don't hesitate to contact us.

To encourage everyone to spend more time in their sheds during these times of self isolation and social distancing, we have extended our 25% OFF PLANS* until the end of April (exclusions apply). What better way to spend your self isolation than kicking off the build of your very own boat, kayak, canoe, surfboard, paddleboard, etc.

Head over to our Chesapeake Light Craft and Grain DIY Surfboards sections to peruse the various designs we have on offer. If anything strikes your fancy, simply use the coupon code 25OFFPLANS during checkout and save up to $96.

* This offer has been extended until midnight 30/4/20, and is only applicable to CLC and Grain plans and manual packages. Excludes: Teardrop Camper, PocketShip, and Madness Proa plans and manual packages. Most plans packages will ship within a few business days.

Customer Builds

Robyn's Oxford Shell II
Robyn's Oxford Shell II
The Barton Boomstrut is a great boom management solution for boats that either don't have a topping lift or using the topping lift requires going forward to the mast.  A pair of flexible composite rods bend under the downward pull of the vang/kicker and straighten to support the boom when the vang is eased.
  • Patented flexing spring provides fast response and a constant force for vang efficiency
    The boomstrut's lightweight, low-profile design features two flexible coated fibreglass rods which provide the force to support the boom. Pulling the boom down with a conventional kicker causes the Boomstrut to flex upwards; releasing straightens the rods, thereby lifting and supporting the boom.
  • Easy installation
    There's no need to replace your existing hardware - the Boomstrut mounts independently inside the existing kicking strap tackle.
  • Mast fitting can use existing luff groove
    To eliminate drilling, the Boomstrut's mast bracket can be slotted into your mast's luff groove.
All parts are from high-grade stainless steel and Spectro grey anodised aluminium for good looks and durability.

To place an order, see our Barton Boomstrut page or contact us.

Website Additions/Updates


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