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In this month's newsletter we have;

  • The Teardrop Camper
  • June Special - Free Teardrop Camper Galley Module valued at $510
  • Customer Build Update
  • Barton Marine - Barton Boomstrut

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Teardrop Camper

Since launch, Chesapeake Light Craft's Teardrop Camper has been received with overwhelming popularity that spans a wide range of enthusiasts, from boat builders to campers and adventurers.

Many potential first time builders look at the Teardrop Camper with hesitation, skeptical of their ability to to undertake the project. However you can be rest assured that many first time builders with little-to-no wood working or stitch and glue experience have constructed a Teardrop Camper with excellent results.



The kit comes with an extensively detailed and illustrated manual (over 400 pages with thousands of pictures) that will guide you through the entire build from scratch whether building from kit or plans.

Construction will take approximately 250 hours, or around 10 weeks of weekends and evenings.  Basic assembly goes very quickly, and most will have the shell complete after a few weeks.



Although the Teardrop Camper is okoume marine plywood and most builders will give their shells a clear finish on the outside, there really isn't much woodworking if you start with a kit.

To someone unfamiliar with the stitch-and-glue construction technique, it's probably easiest to picture the project as a giant airplane model kit. We've cut out the parts, you assemble them with glue, then sand and finish. There's quite a lot of epoxy and fiberglass work, all intended to make the camper light, strong, and waterproof. Assembly itself goes quickly, while much of the elapsed time will be consumed by sanding and finishing. See the Teardrop Camper build videos above for a detailed look at the process from start to finish.



Laurie, completed a Journey from Tasmania to Western Australia and back again with his Teardrop Camper last year. Above are some pictures and below some notes on his adventure.

"We have been travelling with the teardrop now for the last six weeks and it has now traveled the Nullabor both ways getting as far west as Lake Ballard, 180kms north of Kalgoorlie. It has been absolutely great, very cosy and comfortable." - Laurie, 2018

"I have been very happy with the kit and would happily recommend it to anyone." - Laurie, 2018

The first ten Teardrop Camper base or wood only kits ordered during June will include a Free Galley Module valued at $510, see the June Special for details. Please see our Teardrop Camper page or contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

Free Galley Module valued at $510

The first ten Teardrop Camper Base kit or Wood Only kit orders placed during June will receive a Free Galley Module valued at $510.

Normally the Teardrop Camper base kit and Galley Module would be $5505, while the wood only kit with galley module would be $3505. However, be one of the first ten to place an order during June for either a Teardrop Camper base kit or wood only kit and pay only for the kit (base kit - $4995 or wood only kit - $2995) saving $510.

Place an order for your Teardrop Camper kit as soon as possible to be eligible to receive your free galley module.

*Offer valid until ten kits are sold or 30/06/2019, whichever comes first. Applicable to Teardrop Camper base and wood only kits. Shipping not included and will be calculated per order.


Customer build update 

Below we have some pictures that have been sent in during various stages of kit construction.

We are always thrilled to see your project during any phase of construction, so please send us in your pictures so that we may publish them in future newsletters for everyone to enjoy.

Bruce's Chesapeake 16

Bruce's Chesapeake 16

Phillip's Peeler Skiff

Phillip's Peeler Skiff

Barton Boomstrut

The Barton Boomstrut is a great boom management solution for boats that either don't have a topping lift or using the topping lift requires going forward to the mast.  A pair of flexible composite rods bend under the downward pull of the vang/kicker and straighten to support the boom when the vang is eased. 

•    Six sizes to suit yachts from dinghies up to 12m/40ft LOA
•    Patented flexing spring provides fast response and a constant force for vang efficiency
•    Maintenance-free, durable design
•    Eliminates friction and sliding parts.
•    Improved performance
•    Less weight and windage
•    Easy installation
•    Simple-to-follow instructions
•    Mast fitting can use existing luff groove
•    Contoured boom fitting
•    Carefully designed & constructed
•    All parts are from high-grade stainless steel and Spectro grey anodized aluminium for good looks and durability.

The Dinghy Boomstrut

The Dinghy Boomstrut is ideal for; Sailing Schools, Training Boats, Trailer Sailors, and Cruising day boats.

·         Maintenance free
·         Fits in minutes
·         No drilling required

With no extra parts or drilling required and is simply tied off at the mast to secure in place, negating the need for drilling. At the top of the rods, a fully adjustable webbing cradle supports the boom and as the cradle is not directly attached to the boom, it does not restrict the boom from rolling around its central axis to follow the sail when reefing.

We can supply anything from Barton Marine's wide range of products including the Barton Boomstrut and Dinghy Boomstrut. See here to view their range, otherwise please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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